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Gain insights and information on a variety of topics related to EPoS data and Predictive Analytics with our library of webinars.

On-demand: How Can Predictive Analytics Turbocharge Field Sales Productivity?

Field Sales effectiveness is driven by a number of different factors. One of the most important is to define the appropriate level of field resources to outlets, with the outlet priority being evaluated using the freely available store data from retail partners in developed markets. This segmentation of stores should lead to an increase of Read more about On-demand: How Can Predictive Analytics Turbocharge Field Sales Productivity?[…]

On-demand: Fixing On-shelf Availability (OSA) Issues

Improving On-shelf Availability (OSA) has rightly been an obsession for Retailers and Brand Owners alike for many years. The shopper always expects to find the product in store and when there are gaps on shelf, the consequences are poor for Suppliers and Retailers. Most shoppers will choose an alternative product and eventually even change their Read more about On-demand: Fixing On-shelf Availability (OSA) Issues[…]


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