StayinFront RDI Launches EPoS Dashboard Service for Sales Directors and NAMs

epos dashboard service

Sales Directors have long bemoaned the fact that it is difficult to get one view of retailers’ EPoS data. With the launch of its StayinFront Sales View app, StayinFront RDI addresses that problem.

Ron Temperley, Managing Director of StayinFront RDI explained the genesis of the product’s development:
“Many of our clients were telling us that there was just too much data in their businesses, but not enough insight. They explained to us that the major UK retailers all have supplier extranets permitting brand owners to download vast quantities of data which can be used to measure retailer compliance to ranging, promotional programmes and NPD launch timetables, as well as optimising availability and perfecting forecasting.
However, many of them were frustrated at the lack of resource or capability to handle these huge volumes of data and finding it difficult to extract insights – often it falls to the Key Account Manager to download reports on an ad hoc basis, and they felt that key opportunities were being lost.
Each retailer provides the data in a different format making it difficult to compare across retailers to judge potential ‘Size of Prize.’
In short –there was data overload & a shortage of actionable insight!
So faced with this feedback, we’ve built an interface for our clients, consisting of a single dashboard, combining all major retailers’ data in a series of easy to read screens. Our services allows clients to automatically import Key customers’ EPoS data to a central database operating behind their own firewall.
This means that our clients can now outsource Insight Data crunching to an expert provider which can add immediate value to the customer dialogue. Tailored reports zoom in on the key issues to drive performance improvement
In short – they can now drive actionable insight from retailer EPoS data!”

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