Short Series – Delivering OSA Improvements by Focusing on the End-to-End Supply Chain


Generating incremental sales is always a priority for CPG companies and achieving growth without increasing your trade promotion investment is an attractive proposition. There is latent growth opportunities for brand owners available from improving On-Shelf Availability (OSA) across their portfolio. This can be achieved by strengthening your focus on retail execution and the root causes of OSA issues.

Big data analytics are a potentially rich source of actionable insights for a Total OSA solution across the end-to-end supply chain.

In this webinar, Andy Foweather, Managing Director at StayinFront RDI, discusses how the latest thinking in dynamic velocity modelling and advanced analytics can be used to address retail execution issues in-store and predict future potential issues by modelling the journey of SKU’s throughout the supply chain.

Download the webinar here.


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