Sales View EPoS dashboard Now Provides Supply Chain Alerts


StayinFront RDI’s EPoS Dashboard (StayinFront RDI Sales View) now contains a variety of reports designed to optimize vital aspects of the supply chain between brand owners and retailers.

Using the data available on the retailer EPoS extranets, suppliers can see stock in depots, stock in stores and stock in transit. A series of drillable reports allows an investigation at category or SKU level, and even down to an individual store.

Automated alerts can be sent when the numbers of days of stock cover reaches critical levels so that availability levels are not compromised. The system can also provide a clear view of distribution to show not only how many stores are selling a particular SKU, but also the recent history of that SKU to highlight any fluctuations in the number of stores listed and selling over the last 4 weeks, 3 months or 12 months.

Users can also clearly see when stores stop selling a product due to a ‘booked stock error.’ This occurs when the stock control system shows a product as being in stock, even when there may be no stock actually in the store. These errors can be the result of pilferage, breakage or even simply a box of product being hidden or placed in the wrong part of the warehouse. In any case, it is vital to be able to have a dialogue with the relevant retailer contact to fix the issue and get the product on the shelf for the shopper to buy.

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