Retail On – Shelf Availability Solutions

Store On Shelf Availability in Grocery Sector

OSA, or On-shelf Availability, continues to be one of the most pressing problems facing both retailers and suppliers in the Grocery Sector. Often referred to as the problem of the ‘last 50 meters,’ it has been a persistent issue for many years, hindered by slow progress towards developing retail execution solutions. 

While all parties continue to seek solutions to the problems at a macro level, brand owners can make a real difference by treating the symptoms tactically at store level. StayinFront RDI’s POS analytics software analyses the retailer POS data to highlight the 2 key root causes and send alerts to field sales staff to fix them.

The first root cause is a Distribution gap – where the store has stopped selling and the retailer’s stock control system reports no stock at store level. Second is a ‘Stock no sales’ issue – a likely book stock error, the store has recorded no sales but the retailer’s stock control system reports that stock is available in store. In either case, the field sales person receives an alert based on the overnight data showing each issue in priority order of the lost sales value so that the issue can be resolved.

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