Optimizing New Product Execution

Arrival of the new product in stores

When it comes to new product launches, timing is key. Brand Owners invest significant sums in announcing their new products via advertising and PR campaigns, all carefully timed to coincide with the arrival of the product in stores. All too often, retailers don’t achieve the agreed level of distribution by the target date.

Sometimes the store hasn’t implemented the new planogram. Maybe the point of sale material (cardboard, corrugated display units) haven’t made it from the back of store to the display area. Excellence in retail execution can only be achieved when brand owners know more about what’s happening in every store, so that any gaps in distribution can quickly be corrected.

StayinFront RDI’s app drills down the retailers’ POS data to identify slow selling stores and suggest root causes from analysing the data. The app sends alerts to the field sales team, simplifying in-store task optimization to increase speed, efficiency and productivity so companies can maximise their new product launches at store level.

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