Mondelez Has Implemented StayinFront RDI’s Field View App in its Canadian business

Screengrab of 20:20 RDI’s Field View App

Mondelēz has implemented StayinFront RDI’s Field View app in its Canadian business. The app has been successfully proven in Mondelēz’s UK business and the Canadian team were keen to begin enjoying the benefits of the software. StayinFront RDI Field View will significantly reduce the amount of time the Mondelēz team spends auditing products in store, instead focusing on the important issue like SKUs which have stopped selling, promotions which are under-performing and new products which fail to make it to store on time.

“This is an exciting development in our strategic relationship with Mondelēz,” said StayinFront RDI Managing Director, Ron Temperley. “Not only have we provided the field teams with in-store alerts to direct them immediately to the problems our software has analysed overnight, but we’ve also launched a similar system (StayinFront RDI Sales View) for the key account teams and their supply chain colleagues to highlight issues which are occurring across large parts of the retailer’s estate. We’re looking forward to seeing some really dramatic results!”

Click here to find out more about StayinFront RDI Field View.

Click here to find out more about StayinFront RDI Sales View.

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