On-demand Webinar: Fixing OSA Issues by Leveraging Big Data Analytics


Generating incremental sales is always a priority for CPG companies. Over the past twelve months, there have been significant structural changes in the industry forcing CPG’s companies to reconsider their sales strategies to drive growth. Ultimately, the industry needs to respond to changing shopper behaviour and to redeploy resources to ensure on-shelf availability in retail is strengthened.

Big data analytics are a potentially rich source of actionable insights to address retail execution issues, ultimately driving incremental sales in these challenging times.

Join our upcoming webinar with Andy Foweather, Managing Director at StayinFront RDI, who will discuss how big data analytics can be used solve problems on on-shelf availability in near real-time either at store level or through collaborating with retail partners to improve the shopper experience in-store.

Download the webinar here.


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