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Improving Field Sales Productivity

Field Sales teams are expensive to run, but their impact on sales can be difficult to calculate.

Many brand owners rely on imprecise assumptions about the impact of sales activities on revenues to generate an assumed ROI. But in a rapidly changing world where every area of spend is closely scrutinized, knowing the ROI of the field sales force has never been more important. One obvious benefit, is to allow the optimum level of resource to be allocated across channels and stores to ensure perfect execution. But it is also vital to know the ROI of your field sales teams so that the current spend can be defended, and increased investment proposals justified.

The advent of more widely available retailer Scan or POS (Point of Sale) data allied with flexible SFA systems means that brand owners can know, with certainty, the ROI of their Field Sales investments. This can lead to more motivated salespeople working smarter and achieving better results, which both they and their management can easily see.

StayinFront Retail Data Insight works closely with brand owners to consider some of the fundamental prerequisites that should be considered in setting up effective measurement tools.

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Improving Field Sales ROI


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Improving Field Sales ROI

Sales Force ROI with increased sales


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