Transforming the Customer Conversation on Business Plan Compliance

Successful execution of the business plan

An enormous amount of organizational effort is invested in developing and subsequently negotiating an annual business plan with retail partners. These important agreements provide the supplier with support for their demand drivers and in return a “reasonable” commercial return for the customer.

The danger is that these agreements are often not reviewed. Successful CPG’s drive superior returns from business plans by ensuring their trade investments reward performance i.e. the successful execution of the business plan. With volatility in the market and ever evolving promotional strategies the importance of understanding the compliance to your business plan has dramatically increased.

By leveraging POS (point of Sale) data with StayinFront RDI Sales View® CPG sales team can review compliance in real time highlighting performance issues to address and raise with the relevant category buyer or logistics contact. In this way, the business plan is used to promote an on-going dialogue and the customer development managers empowered to deliver stronger outcomes.

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