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HFSS Law – Time for More Government?

After nearly two years of ineffectiveness in articulating and executing a cohesive plan regarding covid, emerging inflation, ongoing supply chain challenges and rising energy costs as we head into winter… NOW seems to be the opportune time to tackle obesity. While there is no shortage of head scratching laws and mandates, the UK’s HFSS laws Read more about HFSS Law – Time for More Government?[…]

Retail Execution Compliance in Customer Business Plans

Written by Andy Foweather The last quarter of any calendar year is an exciting time in the CPG industry, with annual negotiations underway to agree Customer Business Plans with your largest retail partners. Negotiating sales drivers as part of the trade investment package is a priority for the customer development teams. This process is further Read more about Retail Execution Compliance in Customer Business Plans[…]

Digital Transformation – Revolution or Evolution?

At times, software companies embrace clever marketing which involves taking a general phrase or concept and building a narrative around it. This often explains and supports the sponsor’s associated sales narrative, business opportunity and revenue potential. Digital transformation is at its core, the adoption of digital technology by a company to improve business processes, value Read more about Digital Transformation – Revolution or Evolution?[…]

Identify Lost Sales Value with StayinFront RDI’s New Supply Chain OSA Tool

The UK has recently passed “freedom-day” hoping that the worst of the pandemic is behind us, and life can begin to return to the new normal. In a departure from the latest figures on Covid the media are flagging a new and pressing problem in the UK.  This is the lack of qualified lorry drivers Read more about Identify Lost Sales Value with StayinFront RDI’s New Supply Chain OSA Tool[…]


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